About this site

I originally bought this domain when Donald J Trump, Worlds Biggest Asshole (WBA), announced for the nomination. I thought that he couldn’t win and got the domain on a whim. Obviously myself and 3 million others were wrong.

I’ve been lazy about populating it. However, in light of recent Trump outrages, I must finally get off my ass.

About me

I love funny. Without funny we are in deep shit. Funny can keep us sane in the midst of tragedy. Funny is the great tie that binds me and my family. I try to write with funny in mind but the reality is that there is nothing funny about whats going on now. We have a president who is the WBA. He and his enablers are trying to transform this already great nation into an oligarchy. They have made much progress. The nation is fed a constant stream of bullshit. As Goebbels famously said, “tell the lie often enough and it becomes the truth”. This nation is already and always has been great. It is the construct of great ideals. It is the totality of its people. It is not the result of lying, dishonest, treacherous people and corrupt corporations who endeavor to take advantage of money and loopholes to gain every advantage they can and the politicians (bought by them) who enable them.

I can be contacted at shakey@assholedonaldtrump.com

Some disclaimers

I welcome email replies, whether positive or negative, especially love the negative.

I reserve the right to copy and paste the text of received email into this site. If you don’t want to see it here, don’t send it here.

I will do my best not to post email addresses, unless asked to do so. however, since I have my best spasms of inspiration after a few totes and a few cocktails, no promises are made or implied that this may not occur.

I may post images or text that are copyrighted without permission. If the legitimate owner objects, I will certainly take them down with apologies.

The reader of this site may (probably will) encounter explicit lyrics. If you are offended by such please do not read on.

And to WBA and his flunkies, if this site gets enough traction for you to notice, you can all suck a fart out of my ass.

Above all get off your asses and vote. This outrage cannot continue