LA Womens March

Hi People

Just got back from LA Women’s march.  How awesome.  What energy.  Lets keep it up and fuck up WBA and his asshole enablers in November.  Every one was cool and no anger (except towards the obvious assholes).  To see 500K gathering in peaceful protest brought a tear to my eye (even though I’ve been known to tear up at a good commercial).

This was my first time at a march.  I’m glad i was in LA and able to go.  We need to do this. The assholes that be will continue to pillage the country and the people if we let them.

Although I’ve contributed to people and causes I believe in it’s no longer enough.  We have had our right to vote attacked.  We have seen our representation gerrymandered into uselessness.

We have to take action against those who lust for power.  We have to get local, statewide and national.  We must ACT.

I will try not to be the hypocritical old fart that I am totally capable of being and ACT.

This Cannot Stand.

More rants to come.